The Issues

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Constitutional restrictions on Federal Govt

Flatten the Tax Burden

Economy vs government

Fed departments not authorized by Constitution

Close the Border

Duplicated efforts across departments

Assigned duties of departments: audited, accountable
The twoparty system
• Transitioning from Fed to states
  (a)Replacing Social Security (b) EPA (c) Education

• Regulations not assigned by Congress cannot
  be assigned by departments

• Why is there federal support for private
  retirement plans (unions)?

• Executive orders don’t apply to citizens

• Reparations vs. economic development of underserved areas

• Spreading department personnel across U.S.

• Drug enforcement: terrorist designations

• FBI, DEA, DHS, CIA, NSA: wait, that’s not all!

• Designation Secret

• Energy infrastructure, battery minerals
• Military might vs police action

• US out of UN

• American manufacturing vs China

The REAL climate

• Turducken laws (Omnibus, et alia)

• All weapons are assault weapons, duh

• Lobbyist access

• The committee process
• Foreign Aid
• Society and Racism

Reduce the size and power of Federal Government

Reduce Federal expenditures

Reduce Taxes

Free the Economy

Restore America’s Image Around the World

The Federal Government has grown too large, spends too much money, and provides very little real service to citizens. The two-party stranglehold on government and elections is designed to maintain the status quo, which doesn’t work. America needs a leader who will cut out the excess, whether it is in the form of departments and services never authorized by the Constitution, or regulations and tax burdens that hamper citizens and businesses. This can happen only if that person is not beholden to any party or to the special interests that contribute to the party coffers.

I am Tim Conaway. I am that leader. I know how to make operations more efficient, doing more with less. I know how to define what the work is supposed to be, set clear guidelines, and hold people responsible for getting the job done right and on time.

In the coming months, I will post a series of videos telling in detail – not pie-in-the-sky B.S. – how I will take on the issues listed here. And I will be asking for you to contribute time and effort in my campaign, which is more valuable than money.

Contact Tim at tim@conaway4prez.com

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