Run for Office

   One person can’t make changes alone. But a strong, small group can wield unusual power.
   Look at recent developments in the House of Representatives, where a united front of less than 30 Congresspeople made history.
  Voters need a REAL choice in every election. Stand for office to get rid of the tired old leeches who have been around for decades, doing nothing for the people while enriching themselves.
   On the state level, offices of the legislative branch, the governor, secretary of state, and attorney general need to be filled by people committed to serving the public instead of the party.
   On the Federal level, if only a dozen or two dozen legislators without party affiliations would fill Representative seats, and even just five Senators were not beholden to party agendas, their leverage would be immense.
   You don’t have to be rich or try to get huge donations to run for office. Do as I am doing. Use social media. Call on your family, friends, co-workers, school alumni and others in your circle to spread the word. Reach out to others to help you get on the ballot. Press your message through the wealth of podcasters who need outspoken guests like you.
   Let us change America’s government to what it was intended to be. Together, we can reduce the size, power and cost of government. We can make government serve the people. We can return our nation to its high standing in the world.

Join the Cause

I need your help to run for office. I do not intend to try to buy this office by soliciting millions or even billions of dollars in campaign donations. 
   What will make the most impact are people who are willing to perform some basic duties that are critical to a successful campaign. 
   Most important is getting on the ballot in each state. The process varies, and in some cases there is critical timing involved. 
   I need people who are willing to obtain, fill out and file the correct paperwork from the state’s election officials (the titles vary, but Secretary or State is a common one). 
   I need people who are willing to circulate petitions where necessary, compile the data, and complete the forms for final submission.
   This campaign is unlikely to generate financial support that would allow me to pay the people involved.
   I WILL cover all expenses related to filing fees, printing petitions and so on. I will also supply signs and decals for distribution. 
   People who work for the campaign will receive a Conaway4Prez t-shirt, an invitation to the Inaugural Ball and my eternal gratitude.

SIGN UP HERE. Tell me your state, how you can help (circulate petitions, media, etc.), and include your cell # in the message.


   While I don’t intend to buy the election like other presidential candidates, there are expenses associated with this run for office.
   Printing and circulating petitions necessary for being on the ballot, the fuel costs for people travelling to circulate petitions, filing fees, marketing materials and more all cost.   
  When I am asked for donations, I am limited in the amount I can provide, no matter how much I would like to contribute.
   That’s why I am asking for donations in the amount of $5, $10, $15 or $20. 
   So please consider making a contribution that you can afford to help me get the word out to America’s voters, and gain access to ballots otherwise controlled by the two parties.